So if anyone is looking to transform their body they should definitely join Peak Fitness! I’m so glad I did. 12 weeks ago I walked in as a sceptic of Oli’s biosignature modulation programme and Warwick’s holistic approach to fitness. I naively thought that my lack of progress, to date, going to the gym on my own was down to not working hard enough and figured a personal trainer would encourage me to work harder in order to obtain the body I desperately wanted. Oh how wrong I was! Warwick, Oli, Sam and Hedge all have an impressive depth of knowledge about health and fitness. I followed a training programme that they designed specific to my needs and objectives (getting a smaller bum, like most girls!) and more importantly it didn’t involve hours of cardio (which I hate). Adding in biosignature to my training sessions 3 times a week meant I saw amazing results in a short space of time; which for me as an impatient person was key. I would recommend theses guys to anyone who wants to get fit, loose weight, tone up and most importantly lead a more healthy lifestyle. So a big thank you goes to all four of you for my smaller bum and even smaller waist (oh and the abs that Im starting to get!!) Thank you xXx
lenbefore         lenmid    lenafter
WEEK 0                                                  WEEK6                                          WEEK12 

When I first went through the doors after being recommended by my husband, I was worried it was going to be like all the other gyms.

I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and wanted to lose weight. Ollie and the team have done much more than that. They helped me to lose 3 stone in weight, tone up and changed my diet. When I had a frozen shoulder, nerve pain in my feet and low back pain.....Ollie rehabilitated me and got me pain free. I was able to carry on exercising with this help, so I didn’t have to stop and undo all the hard work. 3 years on my diabetes is under control not having to take any medication at all to the doctor’s amazement! Peak fitness offers the whole body package with friendly trainers and a relaxed atmosphere to work out in. I would definitely recommend them you won’t be disappointed.



When I initially went to see Oli at Peak I was suffering from a recurring knee problem, which I had almost lost hope of rectifying. I had seen various surgeons, physiotherapists and doctors but was no nearer to solving my issues. I knew I needed to sort out my knee so went to Peak for some rehab and six weeks later I was completely pain free and back to full strength training. I couldn't believe it! Oli has a really different approach and offers much more than your average personal training service.

I had put on a lot of weight during my time out with injury so decided to give Biosignature a go to kick-start my weight loss and training. I coupled twelve weeks of Biosignature with two training sessions a week and am really happy with my results. I've lost nearly two stone in weight and feel much fitter, stronger and healthier. Biosignature is not a quick fix but if you are prepared to put in the work then you will get great results and significant health benefits.

I would highly recommend Peak Fitness; all of the trainers are knowledgable and friendly, and the studio is well equipped and well presented. I am now looking forward to achieving my next training goals with the help of the team at Peak.

                Before                                     After

- Anne

"When I first met Oli, I had been told by everyone I was losing my sight, I could not drive or even ride a bike. I was so upset and thought my carer which I had been studying for was going to be over before I had started it. I had been seeking support from the RNIB before coming to see Oli.

I was told about Oli and how he can help with vision along with other functions of the brain. At first I was very apprehensive and was not sure what to expect as I had never heard of any treatment like this. 

Oli tailored the sessions around what works for me and tried and tested different exercises to see which would work and which were less effective. After the first few sessions I began to notice a real difference and by half way through the sessions I had not only regained a lot of the sight I had lost but also regained my confidence in simple everyday tasks. I found that Oli understood what it was like to go through the sessions as he had been through them himself and could empathise with the transition. 

Now I have been having sessions for a few months I no longer suffer from migraines but the main thing is that I have regained the sight I had lost and that my sight has stabilized. Since this has happened I have been to see the consultant and have my tests redone. I have been told that I can now drive, ride a bike a look forward to my chosen career I am studying for.

Along with regaining my sight, Oli has also given me back my confidence and it has allowed me to go on to do so many things I thought I would not have the chance to do with losing my sight. 

I cannot thank Oli enough for what he has done, and feel like he has given me my life back."

-A. Redding 2015

"I can recommend the trainers at Peak Fitness in Warwick to people wanting to get fit.

At 56 and a veteran of many half marathons I booked an initial 3 month programme with Sam Boyle at Peak Fitness with the objective of getting me fit for an extreme long distance endurance event. Sam organised and planned and strength and fitness programme to enable me to achieve my objectives. This professional approach covering diet, cardio and strength training was very hard work, but achieved the results of increasing my fitness, reducing weight and fat levels while increasing my physical strength.

I have booked another 3 month programme to train for my next endurance event which is Tough Mudder. The tailored fitness programme works perfectly to get me in shape and the professionalism of the trainers (in particular Sam) at Peak Fitness instills a lot of confidence.

If you want to train for a particular event or just get fit then go and have a chat with the trainers at Peak Fitness in Warwick…you won’t be disappointed.

Worked for me .. i hope it works for you.

Colin ….a fairly fit 56 year old …


Having spent years trying various diet trends and consistently losing and gaining weight 2011 I decided to try something altogether new… throughout the year I had changed some elements of diet and began to increase exercises at the end of October; I had my kick start meeting with Hedge on 23rd October, Hedge took time to understand my personal goals and worked with me to set realistic targets, his program focused on my general level of fitness and strength and its varied nature between Cardio and Resistance work kept things interesting during my gym visits. Hedge also offers great advice and support with nutrition and has fundamentally changed my relationship with food for the better. After a short time with his personal program and more sensible approach to nutrition I saw rapid progress and reached all of my personal goals; his Personal Training sessions have been without doubt the key factor to my new passion for exercise and my improved health and fitness levels, he has a relaxed yet focused style of training that really gets results and more so than other trainers I have worked with in the past he has a genuine care and interest in supporting clients to reach their all important milestones.
An exceptional person, trainer and all round motivator Hedge has been the foundation that has supported me through a life changing 2011! 19 stone 8 lbs. (October 2011) 13 stone 6 lbs. (June 2012) a loss of 6 Stone 2 lbs.

-Steve Jones


Collette Before Collette Before           Collette After Collette After

                   BEFORE                                            8 WEEKS LATER


My wedding was booked for the 1st Feb 2014. I was considerably bigger than I wanted to be. I hated seeing photos of myself and didn’t feel comfortable in any outfit. I also had quite low energy levels and was generally not as healthy as I wanted to be! I had tried dieting and what I thought was healthy eating. (I was so misled by fad diet tips). It got to the end of November and I realised, my weight was not shifting. Sam was recommended to me by someone who spoke very highly of him. I thought, well its worth a go! I contacted Sam and we met for a consultation. He was friendly, enthusiastic and confident he could get me in shape in time for my big day (only about 8 weeks to go!!) I left the consultation buzzing, I couldn’t wait to start training. Sam gave me some advice about my eating habits, which was very informative. Well, I now know why I wasn’t losing weight; I obviously had a lot to learn. I stuck to Sam’s advice and with weekly training, the fat quickly dropped off me. I felt more confident, brought outfits I wouldn’t have previously, my energy levels shot up and I was in great shape in time for my wedding day. I have continued my training with Sam and intend to carry on seeing him for as long as possible. I have no intentions of dropping back into my old eating habits, don’t get me wrong, I will always love cake and wine, but the eating habits that I have adopted have improved my life incredibly, I feel great and I still get to enjoy food! I highly recommend Sam!





"I started personal training at Peak Fitness  since it opened over 5 years ago and can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I made. My
trainer is Adam who ensures sessions meet my needs and goals which combined with his expertise and encouragement has brought fantastic
results in my fitness.

So what have I achieved - now able to complete a 10k race albeit not the best runner in the world but something I would have never thought
possible. I now have increased stamina, improved posture, flexibility and general body confidence which makes me feel great."

-Susan C



Incredible results! went from 22% to 12% body fat in my 12week in Peak fitness. I'm sure they are gonna do a good job putting some muscle on me, the next couple of months. These guys know what they are talking about!

-Daniel Westergaard 



" I had been suffering from painful knees for sometime. Initially I thought the pain was due to me carrying excess weight, so I tried to address this but wasn’t doing too well on my own. I then developed acute pain in my right knee when I was getting out of a sitting position. I tried seeing various Chiropractors which helped for a while but the pain would start to reappear again after a few weeks. I was starting to think that if things kept going how they were it wouldn’t be long before I would need surgery!

 I decided to book some sessions at Peak Fitness as their website stated they offered pain management and injury rehabilitation. My initial sessions were with Adam, he straight away could see I was struggling with certain exercises so referred me to Ollie for pain management. Ollie identified the areas which were affecting my knee and after just two sessions the pain in my knee had disappeared. I also told him about other niggling pains in my neck which were preventing me from getting a good nights sleep. Again Ollie identified what the problem was, gave me some treatment and sound advice and now I can say I sleep better than I have in a long time!

I now look forward to my training sessions with Adam as I can see and feel myself getting stronger each week. I can do full squats and lunges with no problem from my knees, not to mention press ups, something I’ve never been able to do!

I can’t praise both Ollie and Adam enough. Through their expertise, advice and patience I feel a different person. I’ve more energy, sleep better and am getting much stronger and have lost two inches from my bust, waist and hips....

For me booking an appointment at Peak Fitness was the best decision I could have made. It really has made a great improvement in my life."


-Karen Lester



"I trained for three years with only abasic working knowledge and madeaverage gains. I then hired Oliver Thompson of Peak Fitness (www.peakfitnesswarwick.co.uk  T:01926 495691) in Warwick and transformed my physique beyond recognition. By running a Biosignature assessment (which measures your specific body makeup and hormonal balance), running through the correct form and timings of exercises and having an in-depth nutritional plan written upbased on my body tolerances andend goals, I was able to get the physique I had been chasing for years within 10 months. I noticed differences within two weeks!"

-James Meier, Professional Model.




"I started training with these guys about 5 years ago. I was over weight and unfit. Nothing was a problem for them they went through everything step by step I would highly recomend them to anyone."

-Ray Main





'Oli has extensive knowledge when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition. Combine that with his experience, determination and professionalism, and you'll be guaranteed to achieve your goals. A great P.T!'

-Ian Brooks Personal Trainer



"Their knowledge of nutrition and anatomy not only gave me confidence & results, but gave me focus and energy to surpass goals in half the time that I had previously believed to be too ambitious."

-Bradley Carfrae



"Training with Oli I grew mentally as well as physically knowing I had a PT session with Oli coming up made me excited to go to the gym, Everyday is different and after each and every session I felt great knowing that I'm pushing my body in the right way thanks to Oli's guidance! Great gym such professionals! Definitely recommend to anyone!"

-Dan Kirby



"I've enjoyed super-effective pre-wedding personal training sessions with Oli, complete with nutrition and health advice. Worth every penny."

-Anna Blount



'Just had my first training session with Oli and I must say I'm very impressed. He has a great depth of knowledge on all matters health-related, with a professional yet relaxed approach. I would thoroughly recommend Peak Fitness to anyone wishing to improve their health, fitness and confidence."

 -Judith Townshend, Massage Therapist, NMR, 4th Year Chiropractic Student. 




"I’d have no hesitation recommending Oli and the team to anyone. I’ve seen fantastic results, improved my health and fitness and dramatically reduced my stress levels thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience on offer – expertise that’s tailored to me rather than the one size fits all approach you get from most trainers! Anyone who is interested in improving their fitness, health and general well being should pay them a visit."

 -Amanda Stagg



"One of my important goals when I retired was to improve my fitness and strength.  Being naturally inclined to sit in front of a computer it was with some trepidation that I walked into a gym.  Eighteen months later I’m still here and can’t imagine life without the continued and varied challenges Ollie offers.  My weight has plummeted; my energy levels, strength and flexibility continue to rise.  What’s more, I positively look forward to our sessions and, if I’m away on holiday notice their absence.


Ollie is flexible with his time and generous with his advice.  One of the things I most respect him for is his enthusiasm for learning; to become both more knowledgeable and increase his range of skills.  At this gym you get good science balanced with a personal approach that never pushes you past the point body or mind can go.  It says something for his attention to detail that when I started he asked me to score how difficult something was after ten repeats on a scale of one to ten “9.5 is good” (Ollie’s score) – “8.5 is quite enough, really do you want me to go on” (red faced clients pleading).  Eighteen months later he is still adapting my programme so he gets 9.5 from me.  And I’m still continually improving (and still whinging that 8.5 is good enough).


Is this a recommendation?  Most certainly, go on try it, see if this can do for you what it’s done for me."


-Dr. Grimshaw

I have been working with Hedge for nearly two years and couldn’t be happier with the results. I have toned up, lost weight and become much stronger from the training and healthier from the nutritional advice. The workouts are always varied and I push myself much more in our sessions than I would on my own! I am more than happy to recommend Hedge as a personal trainer – he tailors everything to you so you get a bespoke program that changes as you do. He also gives advice, support and tips that you just wouldn’t get from going to the gym on your own.

-Lydia Mciver 



"I walked into Oliver’s studio one January approx 2 stone over weight….over a period of 4 months his fantastic work reduced me to a fit 12 stone man. Also due to his excellent knowledge of food he educated me, what to eat and when. Two years on I am still the same weight and follow all of the exercise knowledge program set out by Oliver, I cannot recommend the studio enough, great atmosphere where you are pushed to your own limits… thanks"


Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert


-Gary White





"Training with Oli at Peak Fitness has really helped with my running. I do speed work, tempo runs, hills and weekend long runs with my club and other training partners. But what I also need, to be able to stay as injury proof as possible, is very targeted strength training for my legs and core and I also like to keep my upper body fit for running as well – which is where Peak Fitness really helps!

What’s great is that I have been training with Oli for a while so he knows my history and my weak points and what to look out for in terms of even the slightest imbalances. I also like the fact that I can swap a training session every now and then for a Trigenics treatment and also get some great advice on things like nutrition as well."


-Sara Stein




"Why Peak Fitness? It delivers results!


I arrived at the doors of Peak Fitness as an overweight/unfit (size 22 plus) and lethargic 53-year-old female.


My Experience, completely positive….


The environment at Peak Fitness is professional and completely non- judgemental. The trainers are friendly and approachable as well as being extremely well qualified to the highest proficiency level. Their knowledge and understanding makes me feel confident that I am in safe hands whilst exercising.


Sessions are individually tailored, varied and extremely well organised but at the same time challenging; they are also strangely enjoyable. Be warned; you might try and wriggle out of a particular exercise but these tactics will only be met with what can best be described as quiet determination, on the part of the trainer!


Various old sporting injuries meant I had lost confidence in my ability, as far as any sort of exercise was concerned. Crucially in the pre training assessment at Peak Fitness they picked up that I had high blood pressure! Cue for action.


With Ollie’s guidance and support, my fitness levels and flexibility have improved significantly, so has my nutritional understanding. Gone are the days of buying endless rounds of magazines looking for the quick fix to being overweight.


I still go through the doors of Peak Fitness now as a 55-year-old female, with a normal blood pressure (GP very impressed), one who’s dropped several dress sizes! Things carry on getting better with the continued support of Peak Fitness.


Please give them a ring and you too can enjoy the rewards."


-A. Beale





rachelwade"I had lived what I thought was a relatively healthy lifestyle; regular exercise and a supposedly healthy diet. Over the last few years I was struggling to keep up with the exercise and keep the weight off and years of stress had taken its toll. I was overweight, had low energy levels, low self esteem and had resigned myself to living in a body shape that I wasn’t happy in.


I then came to Peak Fitness and Oli discussed my lifestyle with me and recommended BioSignature to bring my body back into balance and help me achieve my goals, with the focus on a healthier lifestyle. I also coupled the 12 week programme with regular personal training sessions and a weekly circuit’s class.


It wasn’t long before I could see and feel the benefits, Oli had re-educated me in terms of diet, food and exercise. I was sleeping better, stress levels were reduced and my body shape was improving.


At times it was tough but Oli kept me motivated and the BioSignature results were motivation in its self. By the end of the BioSignature, I had lost 6% body fat and a dress size but more importantly I was eating better, feeling better, sleeping better and my life was so much more balanced.


Since BioSignature I have continued with the healthier food choices, personal training and circuits and my bodyshape has continued to improve. Oli is always on hand to give advice in terms of diet and exercise.


Making the choice to come to Peak Fitness, do BioSignature, the personal training sessions and circuits have made immense improvements on my life and I have not and could not have achieved the results alone and within such a short time. I am looking forward to continued results with what I have learnt in terms of diet, lifestyle and exercise.


I would highly recommend Peak Fitness, a very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, credible and supportive environment with a personal and individual approach."


-Rachel Wade




"I came to Peak Fitness as a last resort. I had struggled with disordered eating since I was a child and had gained and lost huge amounts of weight since I started dieting around the age of 12. As a result of the last two years of very low calorie dieting and years of constant stress I found myself obese, with adrenal fatigue, exhausted and despairing of ever finding any solution. I had been to see hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, medical doctors, nutritionists and complementary therapists and had tried every diet known to man. I was extremely ‘good’ at dieting; very focused with great amounts of willpower. But each time I tried to eat a balanced diet the weight piled back on.


The first few consultations with Oli were a huge shock to me as Oli told me I had to radically change my eating to turn my health around. Everything I ‘thought’ I knew about healthy eating from years of conventional research and reading was flawed and I had to learn how to eat again, practically from scratch. He educated me, session after session until finally the importance of clean nutrition sunk in and soon I was eating foods I hadn’t touched since I was a child.


I signed up for Biosignature and every few weeks saw evidence of the changes that were happening within my body. Initially I was obsessed with weight and inches, but as my body changed and I learnt more I soon found far greater benefits.


I began to sleep better than I had in years, found my energy levels increasing and most importantly for me personally, the violent cravings I had for sugar and carbohydrates subsided, bringing great relief. The personal training sessions were carefully thought out and highly individualised to my physical needs and I actively looked forward to each session.


I started Biosignature and personal training at Peak Fitness as a size 18. I was incredibly ashamed of my body and actively loathed clothes shopping. I was depressed, very unwell and my life was completely ruled by food. One year on, my adrenal problems are resolved and I am currently a size 14. I sleep well every night and most importantly for me, I feel I’ve ‘conquered ‘my disordered eating. Something I didn’t think was possible. I’m passionate about weight training and continue to see my body change as I become healthier. I’ve learnt that over 20 years of abuse takes time to reverse and I continue to strive to improve my nutrition and training on a daily basis. The changes that I’ve seen are so profound that I studied to learn more about this approach to health and fitness; and have since qualified as a C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach so I can help others reap the same benefits. I hope to go on to become a personal trainer myself.


The team at Peak Fitness have consistently educated, encouraged and motivated me to transform my life. Every session is enjoyable and training there has become the highlight of my week. I can honestly say that Oli saved both my life and my waistband."


-C. Leese





pauldilley1 pauldilley2

"The guys at PEAK FITNESS delivered fantastic results with a truly personalised training plan, which offered not just expert advice in training but also a fully tailored dietary regime which delivered results far exceeding all my expectations. In just over 3 months I have lost over 5 stone!


I would recommend them to anybody, any shape, size and build, from beginners to professionals in the gym, you will not find other trainers with both expertise and true a willingness to help you achieve your goals not matter how big or small they may be. Thanks!"


-Paul Dilley



"Retired family Doctor. At nearly 74 and feeling a bit jaded and stiff, i was amazed to find out, with proper professional guidance, just how much physical exercise I could safely do.


It has given my self confidence an enormous boost and made me much fitter."


-Dr J Henderson




"I have been lucky enough to know Mark for most of my life, and for eight months solid during my preparations for the World Championships in 1999, we trained together every day.


Although since then I have had a number of world class training partners from all over the world, none have come close to having Mark’s enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge. I look forward to many more sessions in the future."





 This is a testimonial for Hedge Haigh because of the help and support he gave to me when I wanted to get fit and lose weight after having three children. When I joined in January 2012 weighing 10 stone 6 and my target weight was to be 9 stone. Hedge provided me with the knowledge to enable me to help myself as well as motivating me during training sessions. Hedge provided me with excellent advice about nutrition on a handout which could be kept for reference. Hedge also gave me excellent workout plans which were typed out so I could use these in the gym in between training sessions or at home. Hedge is a very knowledgeable personal trainer who is always willing to help and answer questions, even between sessions. This shows how he genuinely wants to help people to achieve their goals.
Previously when trying to lose weight I have experienced times where my weight has plateaued. Hedges help, advice and support combined with self motivation to put into practice this guidance has resulted in my total weight loss surpassing my original goal of 9 stone. I now maintain my weight at 8 stone and continue to follow Hedge’s advice and fitness plans. Thank you so much Hedge!

-Rachel Guest

"I had become overweight and unfit due to a combination of heavy work commitments, poor diet and little exercise. As well as becoming a first-time dad!


I found that I did not have the time or the motivation to join a gym so I decided to try having regular appointments with a personal trainer.


I have been going to Peak Fitness for over a year now and in that time I have found the staff very friendly, approachable and more importantly excellent personal trainers.


It is apparent that they enjoy what they do and this comes across in my appointments. I have found them to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. They have gone to great lengths to make me more enthusiastic about my personal fitness and have prepared a specific program for me to follow.


Over the time I have been visiting Peak Fitness; I feel much healthier and have gone a long way in achieving my personal health objectives. The staff’s energy and attitude, their extensive knowledge of the human body and their ability to understand their client’s needs have made this on-going experience at Peak Fitness one that I would wholeheartedly recommend."


-Mr I Campbell




"As an ex National Judo Team member I trained full time, in many different countries, for 7 years leading up to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and I like to think that I know a bit about strength and fitness myself.


Mark has helped revitalise my training regime; he has invigorated my personal motivation and he as added lots of new and varied training ideas.


My very high opinion of his methods has been confirmed by the significant improvement in my fitness, strength and flexibility."


-Dave Nicholls 4th Dan British Judo Association Coach. FORMER GB JUDO SQUAD




"Pre booking my workout sessions ensures I attend rather than making excuses. This, along with Mark’s personal approach, has enabled me to achieve my fitness goals."


-Ms J Treewick


 “I am now a few months into working with Hedge and I have loved the programs he has designed for me – each one different and enjoyable making my trips to the gym a pleasure thanks to interesting and diverse programs from which I have seen great results.
In the months previous to meeting Hedge I was struggling to bulk up any real muscle and could not shift unwanted wobble! I found going to the gym to be more a test of will power than of strength, doing the same routines over and over soon lost its charm, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So after taking a free introductory PT session with Hedge I realized there was a lot of ways I could make my time in the gym more productive in achieving my goal.
Hedge’s knowledge for his subject is very impressive, every question I have asked of him has been answered knowledgeably, explaining both how and why I should go about things, whether its training or nutrition based. As most of my time in the gym is weight training, Hedge has made sure I`m lifting correctly and safely whilst encouraging me to push myself further, adding more enjoyment to training as I see results and find myself lifting more and more. Regarding my diet, the advice Hedge has given me has been second to none. Telling me exactly how to fuel my training routine, which in turn has made me feel much healthier day to day and changed the way I go about eating.
I have learned a lot more than I expected during my PT sessions with Hedge regarding training and staying healthy and he has made me feel comfortable and confident in the gym. I now know how to continue to achieve the results I want and look forward to working with him in the future. I have found Hedge to be a true professional throughout the time I have been working with him, it’s rare to find someone so passionate about what they do.”

-James Edwards


"Having a tailored personal workout program ensures I am doing the correct exercises to achieve my fitness goals. My programme is regularly updated so I am always challenged and can see the progress I am making."


-Mr D Durham




"I have found great benefit in coming to the studio, not only has it helped me to tone my muscles whilst developing my strength, it has benefitted my breathing and helped control my asthma.

I certainly recommend Peak Fitness!"


-Mrs A Henderson


“I am 42, starting to gain weight, quicker than loosing it, and felt I needed to see a personal trainer. I enjoy running, but I felt I had reached a plateau as I couldn’t run any faster or further and suffered from shin splints. Hedge said that he could help with this. I am pleased to say that I no longer suffer from shin splints and not only that the lower back pain that I had learnt to live with has gone.I feel stronger,my body is more toned and I look forward to each workout as it is professionally set out and always different. I would recommend hedge to everyone, especially the over 40 ‘s, whose metabolism is slowing down and we put on those pounds, Hedge gives you that extra boost, thanks Hedge!”
- Katy