New Rewards Program!

Training with one of our Expert Personal Trainers is full of rewards, Peak Fitness Warwick is taking rewarding you for getting healthy a step further with a fantastic new rewards programme, designed to give you a big pat on the back for doing well ! In association with, our Personal Training Studio is now offering a fully managed for you and free rewards program. Earn points by attending sessions, interacting with us on your Facebook, Twitter and of course most importantly of all, spreading the good word and referring all of your friends. This is our way of saying thank you to our loyal clients. So tell your friends and earn yourself some rewards ! 


Earn points for attending Personal Training sessions, Open Studio Sessions, tagging Peak Fitness Warwick in a post on Facebook following us on Twitter. The more you come to see us the more points you can earn.


Here's How:

Attend a session.

  • Book an initial consultation
  • Perkville will send you an email after your first sign in at the studio to register on their website and set up your account. (The first session will be counted toward your points.)
  • Once your account is set up on Perkville, you can view your points, what you can redeem points for, post on facebook and print off vouchers for free stuff. 

Tag Peak Fitness Warwick on facebook or twitter

  • Log in to Perkville and use their system to post on facebook or twitter and tag Peak Fitness Warwick in the post. Every time you do this, you get points! Must be done through Perkville website.


Point Values:

The full list of ways to earn points is:


Earning Perks

Redeem Points:

When you have enough points to redeem, print out the appropriate voucher through Perkville and bring it to the studio for redemption. Then start earning more points again!


200 points - free circuit class

400 points – Free Personal Training session

500 points – Free Sports Massage/ NMR Treatment




I haven't received an email to register but I've come to class and signed in. What do I do?


If you haven't received your email inviting you to register, check with the studio the next time you are in to make sure we have the correct email address for you.


What if I don't respond to the first email, can I still sign up?


You can always go to and register. Your points will be waiting for you! Just make sure it is the same email address we have on record for you. 


Is Peak Fitness Warwick sharing my personal information with Perkville?


No. Perkville is using an api that only allows email addresses and class attendance to be viewed. 


Who do the emails come from?


Emails will come directly from Perkville, not Peak Fitness Warwick




Questions? Please email

This is a beta program and can be canceled at anytime.