Physiotherapy, often referred to as physio, uses physical methods, such as massage and manipulation to promote healing and wellbeing. Physiotherapy treatments are often used to help restore a person’s range of movement after injury or illness.

What will happen on my first session?

During your initial consultation you will ​be ​asked​ a range of questions relating to your injury ​and lifestyle as a whole to ascertain a full picture of the potential injury cause. ​This is followed by a physical assessment of the injured site​ which may extend to other joints or systems which could be impacting or generating the injury.​ This is an important aspect of your initial consultation to ensure your physical assessment and follow
up treatment are appropriate to your needs.

What does the physical assessment entail?

During the physical assessment your physio will assess the site you have indicated as being painful for swelling, range of movement

and strength to ensure that your treatment plan is appropriate for you.

What can I expect treatment wise?

Your physio may use massage, manipulation, acupuncture, Kinesio taping, electrotherapy (such as ultra sound) as well as special exercises to restore the range of motion and function of the injured areas to help reduce pain. Depending on your given injury these exercises and treatments will be progressed at a level relevant to you dependent upon your pain. To support you through your treatment advice is available at no extra cost throughout the week via SMS and E-mail.

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