Peak Fitness NeuroPilates 

What it does:
Gives us ultimate joint control and body awareness enabling us to perform at our best.
Reduces pain by raising mechanoreception (movement signals). Modern research has shown moving with the right load and intensity greatly improves recovery time and pain sensation.
Greater "core," strength. Most seek out Pilates due to back pain, which in most cases is caused by inactivity. Peak Pilates will get you moving and activating areas to bring you back to full mobility and strength.

What makes us worth it?
Drawing on the latest pain and neurology research you can be sure all the moves you engage in are tested from different points of view for your maximum physical benefit.
We focus on providing you with physical proof and really encourage you to expect fast changes in your body. Going from touching your knees to your toes in one session is not uncommon!

What to expect?
All classes begin with a standing warm up, before heading down to the mats for a traditional routine.
Mats are provided for you, but you're very welcome to bring your own.
At the beginning of every course one session is dedicated to education and finding effective moves for each individual.
All courses are 8 weeks long and gradually build up week to week as your body strengthens and opens.
Quality is always encouraged over intensity.

Cost: one class a week £80/ twice a week £160