1. Set realistic goals- As Personal Trainers we have a good idea of how long we expect reaching certain goals should take you with many years of experience, but sadly there are hundreds of magazines and companies selling products that make exaggerated and sometimes altogether false claims. These can leave people feeling disappointed and demoralized, often quickly giving up, assuming they are doing something wrong as the results they achieve don’t live up to the hype. Make sure that you set incremental and easy to achieve targets at the outset, having success will increase your motivation. Also get expert advice on how much is reasonable to expect to achieve.

2. Tell other people- Having some friends or family to hold you accountable to achieving your goals helps to keep you on track and from giving up. The embarrassment of telling them that you have failed and more positively the support that they can offer you in the most challenging times will help you keep focused.

3. Promise yourself a reward for hitting your goals- Whether it be a small gift to yourself or a super holiday make sure that it really motivates you and that you don’t allow yourself it unless you achieve your target. In fact better still get one of your above mentioned friends to keep hold of the cash/tickets for you so that they will only give it back to you if you reach your target.

4. Hire a qualified and recommended Personal Trainer! - There’s nothing more soul sapping than doing everything the hardest and least efficient way possible. Our clients are pleasantly surprised how little time they need to exercise each week once they are working out correctly and following the right dietary schedule.

5. Make sure you find ways of making exercise fun- Working out in a group/ with your friends or finding ways to keep your training varied and interesting help to beat off the boredom. Ultimately you don’t have to love it but it helps if you don’t dread it.


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Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018 7:18 am
These are amazing tis as I keep reading some on superior papers and honestly they are the only things that keep me going in my tough times.